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We could quote the numbers and tell you exactly how many Americans are struggling to pay medical bills right now, but you already know that healthcare costs can be obscenely expensive (and it's 56 million Americans and counting, by the way).

For Americans who need to schedule a surgery or procedure that isn't covered by their insurance, medical tourism is an increasingly popular alternative. Also known as health tourism, the practice refers to travel outside of the country to receive medical care, almost always for serious cost savings. The exact amount of money saved depends on the type of procedure, but savings typically range between 25-75%, with savings on certain surgeries going as high as 90% (including travel!).

Average Cost Savings for Popular Medical Tourism Destinations

So how much money can medical tourism save you? When you analyze data for a variety of specialties and procedures by country, we can calculate the average savings:

  • South Korea: 30-45%
  • Mexico: 40-65%
  • El Salvador: 65-80%
  • India: 65-90%

While some Americans may be skeptical about health care abroad, countries like India and South Korea are home to world-class hospitals and medical research facilities. Many successful U.S. doctors are from Korea and India, and many of the doctors we contract with also practice and teach here in the U.S. In fact, while cost savings is the most popular reason for medical tourism, many American medical tourists travel abroad to countries simply for the access to more advanced medical technology and healthcare infrastructure.

Why Do People Choose Medical Tourism?

Fully 85% of Americans go abroad for medical care to save money. Even for those with insurance, the cost savings can be substantial. About 42% of medical tourists do, in fact, have insurance.

And as for the type of procedures that have people traveling outside American borders? Weight loss surgeries and procedures remain a very popular choice, with 32% of all medical travel patients going abroad for bariatric surgery. In Mexico, the most popular destination for American medical tourists, gastric bypass surgery costs just $8,500, compared to more than $24,500 in the United States. Lapband surgery costs a mere $4,500 in Mexico, about $10,000 less than it costs in the U.S. Gastric sleeve surgery patients also save $10,000.

With healthcare costs in the U.S. continuing to rise, medical tourism is only growing more and more popular.

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