About SkyMedicus

A Medical Tourism Company You Can Trust.

SkyMedicus is a HIPAA compliant medical tourism company with a digital technology marketplace that connects patients with the world’s leaders in medicine.

When healthcare solutions aren’t affordable or available locally, SkyMedicus connects patients with our global network of world leaders in medicine. For the past decade, we've helped thousands of patients find the affordable care and cures they have required or desired for years.

We know that when you take a trip for a medical procedure, you're looking for more than cheap dental work or the least expensive tummy tuck on the planet. You want high quality care from excellent healthcare providers. Our provider network is an elite collection of global healthcare professionals.

The SkyMedicus team prides ourselves on taking the time to vet every provider through a robust and advanced screening process. We have met each provider and have visited every hospital or clinic. Each provider is highly educated and many have completed both medical school and residency in North America, Europe or Australia. They are all focused on safety first, extremely experienced, leaders in their field, globally recognized and many are the inventors of a new procedure or medical device.

As the leader in medical tourism, SkyMedicus doesn’t just facilitate finding a doctor—we take care of every detail of your trip.

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Why SkyMedicus?

A One Stop Shop

How do you find a good surgeon in another country such as Costa Rica? Where should you stay while you're recovering?  Who will meet you at the airport? SkyMedicus makes your procedure and all related travel, recovery and payments simple.  We are more than a facilitator for medical tourism, we're a one-stop solution—you won't need to work with multiple agencies to coordinate your care and travel.

Transparency of Pricing

If you have ever been admitted to the hospital, you have probably been surprised by something on your bill. That won't happen with SkyMedicus. Once you are ready to book, we will provide you with a personalized quote. At all points during your travel, procedure and recovery period, at no point will any charges be a surprise, no secret add-ons will appear--you can trust that our quote includes everything and even will give predictions of possible overages. Even when discussing savings of 30-80% across procedures, you will never pay more than expected.

A World of Choices

Our provider network is one of the most diverse in the industry. When searching for a procedure, you will always have options. The only time in which you may see limited providers is when we have partnered with the inventor of the procedure or technique and are not yet comfortable expanding beyond that physician inventor. After years of little options, too many restrictions, and inflated prices, our promise to patients is to provide numerous, and affordable, healthcare options.

Direct Contact with Your Doctor

Using the SkyMedicus HIPAA compliant web portal, you'll be able to communicate directly with the physician of your choosing. You can share your health records, discuss your concerns, obtain information about your procedure, hospital (or clinic), and recovery.

Concierge Service

SkyMedicus coordinates every detail of your trip. We'll handle travel arrangements, payments in multiple currencies, scheduling, planning your stay, and family/friend visits while you recover. Once you book, our 24/7 concierge service is always available to you. Our promise is to make your health the focus.

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How We Work

SkyMedicus is free to sign up and you only are required to put down a small deposit towards a procedure once you have been approved and are ready to book a time on the doctors calendar. Once you are logged in, you will have access to all providers and procedures available in our network.

Once you begin searching the procedures and providers available for the desired procedure, you can reach out to them directly. As our portal is HIPAA compliant, you can upload and share any medical records with the provider of your choosing. You are able to schedule phone/skype calls, ask questions, obtain quotes, and communicate in the private SkyMedicus forum with other patients who have worked with SkyMedicus and our partner providers. As we are always vetting new providers and procedures to add into our network, if you don't see the procedure you're interested in, get in touch with us—we'll let you know if it's in the works. We look forward to working with you.

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Who We Are

Amy Holcomb

I am a native of Lansing, Michigan and used to work for the Department of Treasury, helping develop some of the first e-file programs and helping with statewide implementation initiatives. While on a trip, I herniated two discs in my lower back. Working for the government, I had fairly good health insurance, however the doctors in my area only offered the option of removing one of my discs, fusing my spine and all with an enormous copay from my insurance. I just couldn't understand how this would help me, so I started researching for other options online. Even for me, with a dual Master's degree in International Business and Healthcare Administration, I struggled to find the right options immediately. However, I finally stumbled upon the world of medical tourism, patients traveling for care in other countries. I eventually was able to find an American trained doctor in Mexico that did a MRI, orthopedic consult and set me up with a plan to avoid surgery for only $450. To date, I have never had to have back surgery.

After my back was more stable and I was able to focus back on my career, I thought about my family and the fact that many of them would never have attempted to find such an alternative due to language barriers, lack of understanding of the industry, limited travel experience, etc. So, I decided that with my knowledge and education, I would help develop this industry so that they too could easily access the best and affordable healthcare available. Over the last decade, my focus has been on consulting with governments, training international hospital chains, educating consumers and evaluating the industry to identify the best practices needed to start to legitimize medical tourism and start setting industry standards of care.

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