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*Doctors and patients’ names have been removed for privacy purposes.


"In 2013, I decided I needed to finally do something about my weight.  Over the years, I had steadily been getting larger and larger.  When I delivered my son at 21 years old, I was 307 pounds.  Nine years later, I was 365 pounds and growing.  Diets and lifestyle changes were not working.  I was beyond hope, I thought.

But... I did some research online and discovered SkyMedicus.  The lady who got back to me was amazing- she never pressured me, was patient through all my fears and questions, and she kept in contact with me over the months I took to make the decision to have bariatric surgery.

She walked me through the entire process - from picking a doctor and hospital, to getting my passport, arranging travel plans, and giving me payment information and tips on pre-surgery prep.

At the hospital, I was blown away by how friendly and utterly professional the entire staff was.  My surgeon came to my room to introduce himself and to answer any last minute questions I had.

I spent a week there and it was amazing.  Surgery went well; I had 85% of my stomach removed with the Gastric Sleeve procedure.  Dr. S* gave me a video of the procedure and he told me his recommended way to ease back into eating.

It's been 2 years and eleven days and I have gone from a 365 pounds, size 30, to a 182 pounds, size 10.  The most amazing part?  I am not in constant pain anymore, I can keep up with my son, and I feel like a brand new person.

I'm so thankful to SkyMedicus, the surgeon, the entire hospital team ... they were the best support group I could have asked for."


“I GOT THE HELP I PRAYED FOR... I finally found the relief I had prayed for. I had a condition that was causing me pain, and some embarrassment too. However, my doctor said that it was not life-threatening, and there was little he could do except give me pills. The insurance company was involved, and I think they made the final decision.

I suffered for three years and prayed that God would help me. Believe it or not, my prayers were answered when my sister told me about SkyMedicus. I learned that I could travel overseas and get the operation I needed for half the price of what it would cost here in the US. That included my air travel, my doctor, my hospital bill and a short recuperation time at a resort there. I got amazing care, and I was able to afford it from my savings.

Thank God for the people at SkyMedicus. They put all the resources I needed at my fingertips. I would still be in pain today if it were not for the caring SkyMedicus team. They helped lift my burden and I am happier and healthier than I have been in years.”

“I'M SMILING AGAIN... I had some severe dental problems and had no idea how I was going to deal with them. I let things go too long and was ashamed to do anything about it even though the pain and swelling was increasing. I quit smiling years ago.

On the radio, I heard about a dentist who would solve all your dental problems in one day of intensive treatment “for the price of a new car.” I laughed out loud when I heard that. I certainly couldn’t afford a price like that. That’s when I started searching the Internet to see if I could find a dentist to help me, and that’s when I found SkyMedicus.

On the SkyMedicus site, I discovered that I could travel to Mexico and get teeth pulled and implants for a fraction of the cost here in the US. I have heard that it can be dangerous down there, but I found out that it was as safe as going to my local dentist here. The SkyMedicus people helped me set up transportation across the border, and I got excellent care in a clean, modern dental office.

The one thing I don’t understand is how I can save thousands of dollars just by traveling across an international border. We need that kind of affordable dental work here in the US.”

“I FOUND THE RIGHT CARDIAC DOCTOR AT THE RIGHT PRICE... I worried about getting medical treatment in a foreign country, but my fears were unfounded. If you are worried about that part of it, just forget it. Even though my cardiac condition was serious, getting treatment was more like going on a holiday than it was like going to the doctor.

The people at SkyMedicus helped me find the right doctor at a price that I could afford. I had confidence in SkyMedicus because they check all the doctors and only work with the best ones. My doctor was trained at Stanford University in the US, and she was about as friendly as any doctor I have ever visited. After I met her, the fear just left me. She built up my confidence and she did not disappoint me. I found out later that she used to be the cardiologist for Mother Theresa, so I knew that I had made the right choice.

By the way, I know the nurses are good in the U.S., but they were extraordinary overseas. I felt pampered! They went to extra effort to make sure I was comfortable and well fed. I even was in a private hospital room.

I am at the age where travel is a little difficult. However, I had no problems at all since the SkyMedicus people took care of it all for me. They handled all the paperwork and arrangements. I just got on the plane, and when I arrived the driver was waiting to whisk me off to the hospital and everything was great after that.”

“THEY FOUND CANCER, BUT I'M STILL ALIVE THANKS TO SKYMEDICUS... I'm 46 yrs old and was undergoing routine check-ups before hernia surgery. However, the doctor stopped everything because he found cancer. I went to an oncologist the following week who told me that they would not take my case because I had less than 6 months to live. The oncologist said it had spread throughout my body.

I thought I was a healthy man and had no symptoms prior to this all taking place, but suddenly my wife and I were planning my funeral. That's when I discovered SkyMedicus. They quickly educated me on what I needed to do to change my lifestyle, which was damaging my health, and to find the right kind of medical help.

I started a 4 week intensive cancer program in Mexico within a week. We had no savings, but luckily my sister had equity in her house and after recently losing her husband to cancer, she was willing to help.

It has been 8 months and I'm still living a normal life. Since I was able to avoid chemo, I've had no hair loss, extreme weight loss or major side effects The people at SkyMedicus helped me get the courage to fight when everyone else thought I should give up.”

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