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How Safe is Traveling Outside the US for Healthcare?

Posted by skymedicus STAFF on 7/27/2017 1:37 PM | Last Modified: September 26, 2017

Leaving the country can be a frightening adventure, especially if you’re traveling somewhere new, where you may not know anyone for a 1000-mile radius. Even more daunting is traveling to a distant place to have a medical procedure or surgery. It’s important to know that you will be safe and cared for in a vulnerable state.

So just how safe is medical tourism?

Let’s consider the safety of the destination country. According to the World Data Atlas, the rate of crimes in countries like Mexico, Colombia, and El Salvador are not much different from cities in the US, like New York, Baltimore, Chicago, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. Atlanta and Chicago actually have slightly higher rates for violent crimes than Bogota, Colombia, which over a decade ago had been considered the most violent city in Colombia, the most violent country.

Over the past years, India and China have consistently reported among the lowest rates of violent crimes in the world. Rates of assault, burglary, and vehicle theft are much likelier to occur anywhere in the US than in Central or South America.

Statistics aside, common sense is a great tool in protecting oneself from crime. Think about the city or town you live in. There’s probably a street or a part of town that you know to not venture down at night. The same is true for foreign cities. Staying out of trouble and away from rough areas will greatly improve your safety. Your healthcare provider, their staff, or the hotel staff can give advice on what areas need to be avoided, same as visiting a city in the US that you are not familiar with. In addition to that, SkyMedicus concierges are always an available resource, should you ever need assistance.

Further, many countries have a culture that is welcoming to foreign visitors and strangers. Mexico, Korea, Spain, Germany, and the Dominican Republic are known for having particularly friendly natives who are courteous, polite, and will be happy to point tourists in the right direction.

Being able to communicate with locals in English can make staying outside the US much more comfortable. Any doctors and their medical staff that you will meet will always be able to speak English. Outside of the hospital, English is a very common second language in many countries, especially in Germany, Egypt, the Cayman Islands, India, and Spain. English is less common, but still spoken in countries like Mexico, Colombia, and El Salvador.

If you’re considering traveling outside the US for any reason, don’t let safety concerns stop you. There is plenty of world out there that you can explore while not compromising your safety.

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