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What is Medical Tourism?

Posted by skymedicus STAFF on 7/26/2017 9:48 AM | Last Modified: September 26, 2017

Confused or unsure about what medical tourism is? We can help! Below, we highlight some key questions and answers that will give you the fundamental, reliable information you need to start determining if medical tourism is the right solution for your health and wellness needs, or those of a family member or friend. 

What is Medical Tourism?

Simply put, medical tourism is when people travel out of their local area in order to receive any kind of health treatment or service, ranging from complex surgery to relatively minor outpatient procedures. While millions of people head abroad to take advantage of medical tourism, many head to a different city within their state (e.g. major urban area or regional health center), or to a different state.

Is Medical Tourism New?

Contrary to popular belief, medical tourism is actually centuries old. What’s new about medical tourism is the number of people around the world who are taking advantage of it. And of course, the emergence of the internet and web have made it MUCH easier for people to learn about medical tourism (just like you’re doing right now!).

Why Do Most People Choose Medical Tourism?

Typically, the primary motivation is to save money. Depending on the type of procedure or treatment performed, the cost savings can be anywhere from 30 to 80 percent. Other reasons that people choose this option include: no waiting periods, and the opportunity to enjoy what essentially amounts to a free vacation.

Why is Medical Tourism So Much Cheaper?

The reason is straightforward: healthcare is a business (anyone who files an insurance claim knows this!), and the cost of doing business in many other countries is far lower than in the U.S. As such, hospitals, clinics, doctors and dentists offer lower prices.

Is Medical Tourism Safe?

Yes, it is – but just as in the U.S., it’s important to conduct research and choose an experienced doctor or dentist. Again, this is not unique to medical tourism. Just as you wouldn’t necessarily choose your local doctor or dentist at random, you wouldn’t do the same with one in another country. 

Where Do Medical Tourists Typically Go?

There are dozens of countries that cater to medical tourists from the U.S., Canada, the UK, Australia, and many other countries. These destinations include (but aren’t limited to) Mexico, Brazil, Singapore, Costa Rica, Thailand, India, South Korea, Malaysia, and the list goes on.

How Should I Get Started with Medical Tourism?

The best place to start is by researching your options and learning more about what’s involved in the process. To do that, we invite you to give the SkyMedicus team a call. Unlike many other companies, we DON’T charge anything to provide you with advice and guidance, or give you access to our database of doctors and dentists around the world. The only time we charge is if you choose to book your trip through us. There’s no pressure and no obligation to do so.

When considering if medical tourism is right for you, there are many things to be thinking about. In order to make sure you can have the best experience possible, download our FREE eBook with 10 important factors you need to be considering before booking your medical tourism trip

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