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10 Steps to Plan & Coordinate Every Detail of Your Medical Tourism Trip

Posted by skymedicus STAFF on 7/24/2017 7:00 PM | Last Modified: September 26, 2017

If you’ve decided to take advantage of medical tourism – or are seriously considering it as a viable option to save thousands of dollars, avoid waiting lists, and enjoy an excursion away from home – then you’re probably thinking about logistics, too.

Indeed, planning a medical tourism trip is more complicated and involved than planning a vacation, and ensuring that you “dot every i and cross ever t” before you head to the airport is critical.

With this in mind, below we highlight 10 steps to plan and coordinate every detail of your medical tourism trip:

  1. Speak with your physician to learn about various medical tourism treatments, and the option(s) that may be best for you.
  2. Conduct additional research to learn about various treatments and the overall process, including recovery. There are many credible websites that give you honest, objective information. We invite you to explore the free resources available here at SkyMedicus, including our ebooks, infographics and blog posts.
  3. Contact prospective and qualified surgeons in the country/countries that you are considering. When you have identified a suitable surgeon, have them review your medical history (this will involve sending your medical records, X-rays and any other medical/health information). 
  4. The prospective surgeon will review your medical information, and provide a recommendation. He or she will also need to speak with your physician to discuss the recommendation and your overall care plan.
  5. Provided that the prospective surgeon and your physician agree that you’re a suitable candidate, you will receive a quote for the medical tourism treatment. It’s VERY important that the quote must be all-inclusive, and cover everything including: hospital stay, all surgical discussions, prescriptions, hospital room amenities, follow-up calls and treatment, and if required daily food delivery to your hotel and nurse visits. Please note there may be additional costs based on your specific treatment.
  6. Book your travel (flight/hotel), plus airport transfer and ground transportation. It’s vital that you have someone waiting for you at the airport abroad who will take you to the hospital or your hotel. 
  7. As per your itinerary, go to the hospital abroad, and speak with your surgeon and nurse(s). Depending on the type of medical tourism treatment, you may be admitted immediately, or you may be required to come back the next day.
  8. Undergo your surgery, and remain in the hospital as required. Once again, the type of medical tourism treatment influences the length of stay. For some relatively minor surgeries, you may be discharged the next day (often moving to a hotel to complete their convalescence). For treatments like weight loss surgery, you may be required to stay in the hospital for 2-3 days, before moving to your hotel if you wish. 
  9. Continue receiving ongoing follow-up care abroad, including daily nurse visits, sessions with dieticians and physical therapists (for weight loss surgeries), and so on. You can also have a caregiver join you abroad to help with your recovery. If so, ensure that you coordinate this well ahead of time.
  10. When your surgeon says it’s safe to do so, head to the airport and come back home! You’ll then book an appointment with your physician, and receive ongoing follow-up care as required. 

The ONLY Step You Need: Contact SkyMedicus

At SkyMedicus, we specialize in providing end-to-end support for people who want to take advantage of medical tourism. We coordinate ALL of the above steps, including communication with prospective surgeons through our secure HIPAA-certified web-based dashboard. You’ll be able to ask questions, review credentials, and submit medical information from the comfort of your home.

What’s more, if you partner with us we’ll also ensure that the quote you receive is 100% all-inclusive, and we’ll even handle currency exchange and pay all bills so there’s no risk or unwelcome surprises. We’ll also provide you with 24/7 concierge care just in case you have a question or concern. That way, you can focus on what matter most: getting the treatment you want, and recovering as quickly and safely as possible! 

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