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Choosing a Medical Tourism Company: What to Look For & What to Avoid

Posted by skymedicus STAFF on 7/26/2017 11:47 AM | Last Modified: September 26, 2017

ccording to research by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an estimated 750,000 Americans head abroad each year to take advantage of medical tourism, and ultimately save tens of thousands of dollars on everything from heart surgery, dental treatments, hip replacement surgery, weight loss surgery, and the list goes on.

Plus, after their surgery or treatment is done, many medical tourists opt to enjoy what is essentially a free vacation that can include sightseeing, relaxing in a resort or upscale hotel, or spending an extra week or two in a rehabilitation facility – which would be cost prohibitive back home, where costs can exceed $500/day. 

If you’re considering heading to Mexico, Costa Rica, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, or dozens of other popular destinations for medical tourists, then the best decision you can make right now is to partner with the right medical tourism company. Here is what to look for – and what to avoid! 


The most important thing to look for is experience. According to the magazine Pain-Free Living: “If you decide to use a medical tourism company rather than make your own arrangements, it’s important to find out how long a company has been in business”. 


What a medical tourism company says about itself is important. But you also want to look at testimonials, case studies, success stories, and other “social proof” that gives you insight on whether they keep their promises. 

Comprehensive Services

There are MANY logistical details involved in medical tourism. As such, your medical tourism company should provide you with a comprehensive plan that covers every aspect, from the moment you leave home for the airport, until the moment you arrive back safe, happy and healthy.

Payment Terms

Some medical tourism companies will ask you to pay up-front fees or service charges. And while they claim that doing so is “standard industry practice”, be assured that it is NOT. The medical tourism company you choose should only charge a reasonable percentage based on the quote you receive from your doctor or surgeon abroad (depending on the kind of care that you will be getting). What’s more, the fee should only be charged at the time of booking, and must be clearly itemized on your quotation.

Concierge Care

While you’re abroad, you may have questions or need advice. For example, you may want to extend your stay a week and take in some sights, or perhaps have a family member or caregiver join you abroad. Your medical tourism company must offer you 24/7 concierge care, and be there when you need them. Avoid any company that doesn’t offer this, or makes you contact them only through email.

Learn More

At SkyMedicus, we have the honor of helping people from across the country reap the rewards of medical tourism. In addition to having in-depth experience and numerous testimonials, we offer comprehensive end-to-end services and provide 24/7 concierge care. And of course, our pricing is 100% transparent and we ONLY charge a fee if and when you choose to book your trip through us. Until then, we don’t charge a cent and will never ask you to pay anything.

To learn more, contact us today and schedule your free consultation. For more information on medical tourism and ten factors you need to consider to have a successful and safe experience, download our FREE eBook: 

Download our free eBook on the 10 things to know about Medical Tourism

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