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How Bariatric Surgery Changed a Woman’s Life

Posted by skymedicus STAFF on 7/24/2017 6:04 PM | Last Modified: September 26, 2017

“In 2013, I decided I needed to finally do something about my weight.  Over the years, I had steadily been getting larger and larger.  When I delivered my son at 21 years old, I was 307 pounds.  Nine years later, I was 365 pounds and growing.  Diets and lifestyle changes were not working.  I was beyond hope, I thought.

But... I did some research online and discovered SkyMedicus.  The lady who got back to me was amazing- she never pressured me, was patient through all my fears and questions and she kept in contact with me over the months I took to make the decision to have bariatric surgery.

She walked me through the entire process - from picking a doctor and hospital, to getting my passport arranging travel plans, payment information and tips on pre-surgery prep.

At the hospital, I was blown away by how friendly and utterly professional the entire staff was.  My surgeon came to my room to introduce himself and to answer any last minute questions I had.
I spent a week there and it was amazing.  Surgery went well; I had 85% of my stomach removed with the Gastric Sleeve procedure.  Dr. S* gave me a video of the procedure and he told me his recommended way to ease back into eating.

It's been 2 years and eleven days and I have gone from a 365lb, size 30, to a 182 lbs size 10.  The most amazing part?  I am not in constant pain anymore, I can keep up with my son and I feel like a brand new person.

I'm so thankful to SkyMedicus, the surgeon, the entire hospital team ... they were the best support group I could have asked for."

- K.F., USA

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