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How to Find the Right Doctor for Your Surgery Abroad

Posted by skymedicus STAFF on 7/21/2017 11:59 AM | Last Modified: September 26, 2017

At SkyMedicus, we’re often asked by people considering surgery abroad how they can find the right doctor.

Obviously, this is a crucially important question. However, one thing we point out right away is that this question – while essential – is not just applicable when seeking surgery abroad. It’s something they you need to ask at ALL TIMES. Indeed, finding a doctor that you’re confident in and comfortable with is always the number one priority, regardless of where the surgery is taking place.

With this in mind, here are key ways that you can find the right doctor – whether you’re considering surgery abroad, or at the hospital in your hometown. 

4 Tips to Help Find the Right Doctor for your Surgery Abroad

  1. Verify the doctor's experience level

While all licensed doctors have achieved a standard of competence that is acceptable in their jurisdiction, not all doctors have the same level of experience. Some are relatively new to a type of surgery or procedure, while others could (and often do) teach and write books on the subject or have even invented new procedures and medical devices.

It’s very important that you connect with a doctor who has proven, in-depth experience in the specific type of surgery that you’re seeking (e.g. bariatric surgery, dental implants, heart surgery, etc.).

  1. Verify hospital and treatment standards

While it’s vital for your doctor to be competent and experienced, the hospital that he or she works out of (or is affiliated with) must also meet world class standards for safety, quality and patient care. Again, this requirement is NOT specific to medical tourism. Even if you’re thinking of having treatment at a hospital in your state or anywhere in the US, you need to do your homework on the hospital.

  1. Verify that you’re comfortable with a potential doctor 

Some doctors are highly skilled and experienced, yet lack an all important “bedside manner”. It’s very important that you have the opportunity to communicate directly and privately with a potential doctor, so that you can discuss your specific health concerns, ask questions, and feel comfortable and confident.

  1. Verify that all pricing is transparent

At SkyMedicus, our provider network includes rigorously pre-screened doctors that are highly experienced and have flawless reputations for competence, ethics and patient care. Plus, we have met each provider and visited every hospital and clinic in our network to ensure that they meet appropriate standards for quality and safety.

Once you sign-up with us – and it’s free to do so – you’ll have the opportunity browse through our database and connect directly with a prospective doctor via our HIPAA compliant web portal.

And when you’re ready to move ahead with your surgery abroad, we’ll take care of every last detail on your behalf – including ensuring that you know exactly how much the process will cost, handling all payments, identifying who will meet you at the airport, planning how you’ll be transported to and from the hospital, and much more.

To learn more and get started, contact us or sign-up today. As noted above, there’s on cost and no risk.

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