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Making Room for Empathy in Medical Tourism

Posted by skymedicus STAFF on 7/27/2017 1:03 PM | Last Modified: September 26, 2017

When traveling abroad for healthcare, doctors must do everything they can to assure the patients that they will be taken good care of, since traveling for treatment is a new and potentially scary experience.

As such, medical tourism can be a new experience for those who make the choice to travel for their healthcare needs. Knowing how to interact with locals in a foreign culture is not innate, and it is further complicated in the context of healthcare. Different values, views on the world, and perspectives on what it means to be healthy can influence patient-doctor interaction. For this reason, empathy is a crucial skill for healthcare providers working in medical tourism to have.

Empathy has been linked to improved outcomes in healthcare. In our fast-paced society, empathy often is overlooked in favor of faster service. Foreign patients often have anxiety from the real and perceived challenges that they face when traveling abroad for healthcare. Fears about communicating with locals and doctors, following cultural norms and practices, knowing what to do if something goes wrong, and staying safe during the whole process of medical tourism are often on patients' minds when they arrive in their destination. Healthcare providers who work with SkyMedicus are aware of these anxieties and focus on providing not only high quality healthcare, but also work to reduce the patient's anxiety.

When doctors understand the emotions of their patients and build trust between them, they are more likely to give an accurate diagnosis and more caring treatment. To offer additional support, through SkyMedicus, the patient may bring a companion with them for little to no extra cost. To be added to the SkyMedicus system, a healthcare provider must undergo a lengthy process where we confirm that the provider is a good fit and the patient will receive the level of care that they deserve. SkyMedicus does not send patients to providers who are not fluent in English. Each doctor that the patient may choose will provide excellent care for the patient.

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