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The Hidden Cost Savings of Having Your Bariatric Surgery Abroad

Posted by skymedicus STAFF on 7/24/2017 9:44 AM | Last Modified: September 26, 2017

As you may be aware, choosing to have your bariatric surgery abroad can save you anywhere from $10,000 to over $30,000 compared to having the same surgery in the U.S. (the exact savings amount depends on the type of surgery you need, where you have it done, and in what part of the country you live).

However, there are other somewhat “hidden” costs savings of having bariatric surgery that you may have not yet considered, but certainly make a difference to your financial well-being, or lack thereof.

Below, we highlight 5 costs you will no longer face after your weight loss surgery:

5 Hidden Cost Savings with Bariatric Surgery Abroad

1. Excessive Annual Health & Work-Related Costs 

According to a report from the Department of Health Policy at George Washington University's School of Public Health and Health Services, the yearly health and work-related costs of obesity are $4,789 (women) and $2,646 (men).

2. Lower Lifetime Earnings

According to the same aforementioned George Washington University study, the annual wage loss for obese employees is $1,855 compared to their non-obese colleagues and counterparts.

3. Costs of Commercial Diets

In his book “MASSematics: How to Get Rich by Not Dieting”, author and doctor Michael Applebaum explored the financial impact of commercial diets, and concluded that an individual who spends $20 a month on supplements starting at age 28, would have earned $62,766 if that same money was invested at 5% per year until age 78 (average lifespan).

4. Higher Airfare Costs

Obese individuals are often subject to higher airfare costs. For example, when flights are booked solid and there are no unfilled seats, obese passengers flying airlines like JetBlue and Air France are obliged to purchase a second seat if they cannot fit in a single seat. The average cost of an extra seat is about $60 per each leg of a flight.

5. Higher Funeral Costs

It’s a bit on the morbid side, but the fact remains that obese individuals are obliged – or rather, their estate is obliged – to pay more for a larger casket upon their passing. For example, the difference between a standard 18-gauge steel casket and a 36-inch larger casket for obese decedents can be around $1500.

The Bottom Line

The simple fact is that being obese is costly in every area: in terms of personal health, financial well-being, and of course, self-esteem and emotional health as well.

Learn More 

If you’re considering bariatric surgery abroad because the costs of having the procedure performed in the U.S. are excessive or prohibitive, then contact the SkyMedicus team today. Please remember that we are not a hospital and we have no incentive or self-interest in “selling” you any kind of surgery or treatment.

Our mission is to provide you with information and, if you wish, offer you support to make your overseas surgery safe and successful.

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