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3 Ways How to Ensure a Safe Dental Tourism Trip

Posted by skymedicus STAFF on 7/25/2017 3:23 PM | Last Modified: September 26, 2017

Dental TourismAs noted by the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, the number of Americans heading abroad to take advantage of dental tourism is growing at a 20 percent a year clip -- and it is hardly surprising to see why. 

Topping the list of advantages is dramatic cost savings that start at a few thousand dollars for relatively minor treatments such as having one implant installed, but can easily eclipse 5-figures or even 6 for complex dental reconstructions (a.k.a. “smile makeovers).

Plus as a welcome bonus, given the huge savings many people are taking the opportunity to enjoy what amounts to a free vacation in Mexico, Thailand, India, Hungary, Costa Rica, and so on. As hard as it may be to imagine, dental tourism is actually achieving the miraculous: people are looking forward to going to the dentist!

If you are among the millions of Americans who are eager to pack and head to the airport – so you can improve your smile, boost your health, and have some fun – below we highlight 3 ways how to ensure that you have a safe dental tourism trip:

  1. Do Your Homework

Just as you would research potential dentists where you live, it is important to choose the right dentist abroad. This is typically a dentist who specializes in the type of dental treatment you want or need, and also who has experience serving dental tourists from the U.S. (and other countries where this is a very popular option, such as the UK, Canada, etc.).

  1. Pay Attention to Logistics 

Logistical details can make or break your dental tourism experience. Basically, you want to ensure that everything is clearly and neatly mapped out before you leave, such as: how you will get from the airport to your hotel, how you will get from the hotel to your dentist, the number of times you will need to visit and for how long, how your bill will be paid and in what currency, and all details regarding recovery (how long it will take, where you will stay, etc.).

Even if you are one of those “spontaneous travelers” who enjoy simply landing at a destination and playing the rest by ear, when it comes to dental tourism, structure and predictability is your friend. Besides, as soon as your treatment and recovery are behind you, you can be as spontaneous as you want!

  1. Partner with SkyMedicus! 

When you partner with SkyMedicus, we will give you free access to our database that contains numerous pre-screened, verified, and licensed dentists in various destinations around the world. You can learn about their experience and specialization, as well as communicate with them confidentially through our HIPAA-certified web dashboard.

Furthermore, when you have identified an ideal dentist and are ready to book your trip, we will handle ALL logistical aspects from the moment you leave your home, to the moment you return. We will also provide you with 24/7 concierge care just in case you have a question or need some help. We are a phone call or email away.

Learn More

To learn more, contact the SkyMedicus team today. Your consultation with us is free, and the ONLY time we charge a fee is if and when you choose to book your trip through us. You are never under any obligation to partner with us and use our services.

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