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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wait for Hip Replacement Surgery

Posted by skymedicus STAFF on 7/26/2017 9:55 AM | Last Modified: September 26, 2017

If you’re hesitant to move forward with the hip replacement surgery that your doctor advises, then be assured that you aren’t alone. As noted by Dr. Ian Clark, a medical researcher and founder of Peterson Tribology Laboratory for joint replacement at California’s Loma Linda University, many people delay their much-needed hip replacement surgery because:

  • They’re afraid of the “unknown”
  • They’re afraid of surgery in general
  • They’re afraid of “losing” a part of their body
  • They’re afraid of post-operative pain 

However, while all of these fears are understandable – after all, any kind of surgery is cause for serious consideration and contemplation – there is another fear that must be added to the list: fear of falling deep into debt or putting oneself at risk of declaring medical bill-related bankruptcy.

Indeed, as the New York Times reported, this was the dire scenario faced by Colorado resident Michael Shopenn, who was told that the artificial hip replacement surgery he needed would cost him a whopping $65,000 for just the implant and hospitalization fees. The surgeon’s fee would be on top of that, sending his costs skyrocketing closer to 6-figures.

In the past, Shopenn and the thousands of people like him each year across the country would have been forced to wait for their hip replacement surgery, and put themselves at risk of:

  • Further hip joint and tissue deterioration, which is very common among people suffering from any kind of degenerative bone disease. In some cases, the deterioration is so severe that surgery becomes impossible.
  • Being forced to endure a sedentary lifestyle, as daily activities and tasks become extremely difficult to carry out. Aside from the emotional and psychological damage this causes, it also leads to muscle atrophy.
  • Ongoing and in some cases unbearable pain, resulting in reliance on powerful pain management pharmaceuticals that have a range of significant and lingering side effects.

Fortunately, Shopenn was able to avoid all of these risks and dangers – including spending the rest of his life in a wheelchair – by seeking an option that millions of Americans, and tens of millions of people around the world, choose each year: medical tourism

Indeed, Shopenn did some research, made some calls, and headed to a private hospital outside of Brussels, Belgium. His total cost? $13,360, which included a new hip joint, a 5-day hospital stay, an additional week in rehab, surgeon’s fees, operating room fees, medication, crutches, and a round-trip flight.

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To learn more about getting the hip replacement surgery you need – at a cost that is affordable rather than excessive or prohibitive – contact the team at SkyMedicus today. Your consultation with us is free, and there’s never any risk or obligation to book your medical tourism trip with us.

Be assured that we do not “sell” medical tourism. Rather, we help people like you connect with pre-screened and experienced surgeons in various countries around the world, and then handle all of the logistics of your trip right down to the last detail. We even take care of paying the bill on your behalf so you don’t have to worry about currency exchange!

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