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Dental Tourism Focus: Comparing Dental Implants in Mexico vs. the U.S.

Posted by skymedicus STAFF on 7/25/2017 3:26 PM | Last Modified: September 26, 2017

Across the country, thousands of people who need dental implants are heading down to Mexico to reap the rewards of dental tourism. Below, we compare this decision with having the same procedure in the U.S. 


When it comes to comparing the price of dental implants in Mexico vs. the U.S., it’s not even a close contest: Mexico wins hands down. Indeed, the cost of a single dental implant in the U.S. can be around $5,000, but less than $2,000 in Mexico. And considering that many people need more than one implant, the cost savings can be enormous and easily reach into the 5-figures.


In many Mexican cities – especially those along the border – there are literally hundreds of dentists that offer a full range of services, including of course, dental implants. And while these dentists certainly serve the local population, many of their patients are Americans.


There is an unfortunate misnomer that dentistry in Mexico – and Costa Rica, Thailand, and many other countries for that matter – is somehow sub-standard and therefore not safe. This is simply untrue. Dentistry in Mexico is licensed and dentists must be qualified and certified, just as they are in the U.S. In fact, many dentists in Mexico were trained in the U.S, including specialty training and post-graduate training. 


Scheduling for dental implants is similar in both the U.S. and Mexico, in that an appointment is necessary (except for routine cleanings, which can sometimes be scheduled on a walk-in basis). However, because of the number of Mexican dentists in many dental tourism hotspots, it’s often possible to book a dental implant(s) treatment within days. In the U.S., the treatment is usually scheduled weeks or sometimes months in advance.


In the U.S., patients can pay with cash, check, credit cards, debit cards, and sometimes direct billing to their insurance company. In Mexico, most dentists will only accept cash or check (which is more for Mexicans with Mexican bank accounts). However, almost all dentists accept U.S. dollars, so there’s no need for dental tourists to worry about currency exchange. 

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