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The Best Places to Get Hip Replacement Surgery Abroad

Posted by skymedicus STAFF on 7/27/2017 11:04 AM | Last Modified: September 26, 2017

Has your doctor advised you to get hip replacement surgery – or do you suspect that it’s going to be a discussion point sooner rather than later? If so, then be assured that you are NOT alone!

As reported by WebMD, osteoarthritis on the rise – and that means that the number of hip replacement surgeries is also increasing. And the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) further notes that it is not just senior citizens who are driving this trend. While hip replacement surgeries for people aged 75 and older increased 92 percent between 2000-2010, it increased a staggering 205 percent for people aged 45-54.

However, many people who need hip replacement surgery – and who are not 100 percent covered by insurance -- are running into a major obstacle: cost. As reported by Men’s Journal: “The average cost of a hip replacement in the U.S. has nearly doubled in the past decade, rising from an average of $35,000 in 2001 to about $65,000.”

Fortunately, Gen Y’ers, Gen X’ers, Boomers and seniors do not have to let the excessive cost of hip replacement surgery stop them from getting the life-changing and, in some cases, life-extending surgery they need. Instead, they can head abroad and save tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Indeed, the AARP has noted that about 7 percent of all medical tourism trips are for hip replacement surgery – and this proportion is sure to increase in the years ahead.

Below is just a partial list of some of the best places to get hip replacement surgery abroad:

  • Mexico
  • Costa Rica
  • India
  • Thailand
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Belgium
  • Hungary


Again, this is just a partial list, and choosing the right destination, surgeon and hospital should be done on a patient-by-patient basis. For example, some surgeons specialize in certain kinds of hip replacement surgery, and some patients may find traveling to some destinations more convenient than others (i.e. it may be faster and easier to head to Mexico vs. Singapore).

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At SkyMedicus, we proudly help people from across the country take advantage of hip replacement surgery overseas. To learn more, contact us today and schedule your free consultation. Be assured that we do not “sell” medical tourism. We empower our clients with honest, objective information so they can make a decision that’s best for them, and supported by their family and doctor.

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Added by terra

where can I get a list of best, safest, places along with approximate cost , facility type and recovery time. thanks
Added by SkyMedicus STAFF

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