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After Chemo, After Surgery, What Are My Options for Cancer Treatment?

Posted by skymedicus STAFF on 7/27/2017 1:07 PM | Last Modified: September 26, 2017

Traditional oncology, which includes chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation, are the go-to responses for treating most types of cancer. While these forms of treatment increase chances of survival and completely removing the cancer cells, success is never guaranteed. Surgery is typically the first recommended treatment option in the early stages, but surgery cannot guarantee that cancer will not return. With chemotherapy, treatment is sometimes ineffective and is accompanied by side effects, such as fatigue lasting several days at a time, discomfort, nausea, hair-loss, and insomnia. These treatments can also be very expensive, making them unavailable for many.

If these cancer treatments are not options, then functional oncology can offer alternative solutions. One such option is Dendritic. Dendritic Cell Therapy is used to enhance the body’s natural immunization system. Special immunocells are isolated from the blood, which are then reprogrammed as Dendritic Cells. Then, these cells are reintroduced to the body and attack cancer cells. Dendritic Cells additionally spread the antigen to the rest of the body’s white blood cells so that the patient will be vaccinated to the individual type of cancer.

Another treatment is called Laetrile Therapy. This therapy involves taking small doses of Laetrile, formerly Vitamin B17. When introduced into the body, Laetrile signals the release of special digestive enzymes that seek out and break down the links between cancer cells so that white blood cells may enter, attack, and destroy the cancer cells.

In addition to Dendritix and Laetrile therapy, several supplemental treatments can be implemented during these treatments to increase the body’s natural healing. Hyperbaric chambers can be used to facilitate oxygen being absorbed directly into the body, as oxygen has been shown to speed the body’s natural healing. Doctors can induce hyperthermia by heating the body’s tissue to between 104ᵒF and 111ᵒF. This can boost the body’s ability to heal and, at the higher temperatures, can destroy cancer cells. Chelation therapy has been used to pull plaque, mineral deposits, cholesterol, and heavy metals out of the arteries and remove them through the kidneys. Many doctors will also recommend that the patient undergo a detox with a specialized diet.

Functional oncology offers cancer patients who were not cured by traditional cancer treatments, were unable to afford treatment, or wanted treatment without the harsh side-effects of chemo. These treatments could be options that give hope to you or a loved one.

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