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How SkyMedicus Helps with Medical Tourism Logistics

Posted by skymedicus STAFF on 7/26/2017 2:06 PM | Last Modified: September 26, 2017

Here at SkyMedicus, we have the honor and privilege of helping people across the U.S. take advantage of medical tourism, and ultimately get the quality treatment and care they need at a price that makes sense – rather than sends them spiraling into debt. Indeed, as Investopedia chillingly points out:

"When it comes to serious debt, medical expenses are often the culprit for putting many people deep in the red. A survey by the Commonwealth Fund found that one out of five adults is paying off debt from medical bills. Making matters worse, higher medical expenses and reduced insurance coverage have forced families to dip into household savings or take on additional credit card debt."

And reports that medical debt is now the number one cause of bankruptcies in the country, with 56 million adults struggling to cover healthcare related bills.

Of course, medical tourism obviously isn’t free – nor is it promoted as such. Patients still need to pay for flights, accommodations, treatments, medication, transportation, and so on. However, the cost savings are substantial, and range between 30-70 percent. For some surgeries or dental procedures, this translates into saving tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.  

How SkyMedicus Helps with Logistics

At SkyMedicus, we don’t provide medical care – which is why our advice to clients is objective and honest. We have no self-interest in whether our clients choose a particular surgeon, doctor, dentist, hospital, clinic or facility. Our ONLY focus is on our clients’ best interest, and we never lose sight of that commitment.

And when it comes to logistics, our clients can count on us to thoroughly investigate and clarify ALL of the details ahead of time, including those related to: accommodations, airport pick-up and return, ground transportation, rules regarding caregiver visits, and informing all necessary parties of risks and allergies.

And once a client chooses us as their medical tourism partner, we even handle paying the bill on their behalf, plus our team is ready to provide 24/7 concierge care. It’s all part of our commitment to take care of the logistical details – both small and large – so that our clients can focus on what matters most: getting the treatment they need, and enjoying a safe, full recovery.

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