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Is Weight Loss Surgery Overseas Safe?

Posted by skymedicus STAFF on 7/21/2017 3:17 PM | Last Modified: September 26, 2017

The understandable concern as you consider weight loss surgery overseas is if it's a safe alternative to surgery here in the U.S.

The open and honest answer to this important question is yes, weight loss surgery overseas is safe – provided that you do your research of comparing surgery abroad vs. in the U.S.

Before we explore what is involved in this process, it is prudent to point out that “doing your homework” is necessary regardless of where you get any kind of surgery. In other words, this research requirement is by no means limited to weight loss surgery overseas (or any other kind of surgery abroad). Being an informed patient and exploring your options is something that you ALWAYS want to do, whether you are going to be treated at a hospital across the street, out-of-state, or in another country.

So with this in mind, here are 4 questions to help in your research.

4 Questions to Ask About Weight Loss Surgery Overseas: 

1. Is the surgeon suitably licensed and certified?

Obviously, you only want to choose a surgeon who is properly licensed and certified, and that these credentials are up-to-date and verified by third parties (i.e. not just the surgeon him or herself, or the hospital that they work for). 

2. Is the hospital properly equipped and reputable? 

Most hospitals that provide weight loss surgery overseas are properly equipped and reputable with a track record of serving both local patients and those from the U.S. and other countries (such as Canada, the UK, Australia, etc.). However, again, you want this information to be verified by a third party. 

3. Can I communicate with prospective surgeons to see if I feel safe? 

You definitely want to communicate with prospective surgeons, so that you can ask questions and share information about your specific weight loss needs and goals. Naturally, this correspondence must be done in a private and confidential manner. 

4. What is the pre and post-surgery process? 

There are different kinds of weight loss surgery, and each has its own pre and post-surgery process and requirements. You want to know what’s involved, so that you can make sure that you have the information and support you need. 

Learn More 

At SkyMedicus, we’ve helped many people just like you undergo safe and successful weight loss surgery overseas. Our provider network includes licensed, certified and pre-screened surgeons – all of whom are affiliated with fully equipped hospitals that we have personally inspected, and deemed to be at or above U.S. standards. 

What’s more, you can communicate directly with prospective surgeons through our HIPAA-compliant dashboard. And if you decide to book your weight loss surgery overseas with us, we’ll handle ALL of the details, and offer you 24/7 concierge support. It’s like having a powerful support team with you every step of the way, from the moment you head to the airport to when you return home again – safe, happy, healthy!

Contact the SkyMedicus Team to learn more about medical tourism today.  

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