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Debunking the 4 Biggest Myths About Medical Tourism

Posted by skymedicus STAFF on 7/24/2017 6:23 PM | Last Modified: September 26, 2017

Across the country, millions of people – including your colleagues, neighbors, and probably members of your extended family as well – have taken advantage of medical tourism in order to save thousands of dollars, get the treatment they want faster and easier, and in many cases, enjoy a mini-vacation as well! 

However, there are some enduring misunderstandings that continue to prevent many people from learning more about this option, and ultimately making a decision based on FACTS rather than MYTHS.

To set the record straight and help people make an informed, unbiased and objective decision on whether medical tourism is right for them, below we debunk 4 of the biggest myths out there:

Myth: Non-US doctors are inferior and inexperienced.

The truth is that doctors in most other countries must meet the same – or in some cases, even higher – standards for experience, knowledge and patient safety as their counterparts in the US. In fact, many doctors working in popular medical tourism destinations such as Mexico, Costa Rica and Brazil were trained in the US, and are working in their home country because they want to; not because they have to! 

Myth: The reason medical tourism is cheaper is because they’re “cutting corners”.

The truth is that medical tourism is cheaper because healthcare costs in the US are staggeringly over-priced compared to the rest of the world. For example, virtually the same bariatric surgery performed in Los Angeles for $35,000 can cost $15,000 in Tijuana, Mexico. The only difference is that the cost of working (just like the cost of living) in Tijuana is significantly less than Los Angeles. Hospitals and doctors simply charge less, and patients pay less. There’s nothing corner-cutting about this. 

Myth: My doctor won’t support my decision to get medical treatment abroad.

The truth is that an increasing number of physicians are encouraging patients to explore all options – including medical tourism – because their primary goal is help their patients improve their health and wellness.  As such, you can count on your doctor working collaboratively with your surgeon abroad to share medical records, coordinate care, etc. After all, what matters more to them than your health and well-being?

Myth: The logistics of medical tourism are overwhelming and offset any cost savings.

We can’t emphasize enough how FALSE this is! When you connect with SkyMedicus, we’ll work with you to coordinate all of the logistics, including your flight, accommodations, transfer to/from the hospital, currency exchange, and we’ll even handle payment on your behalf so you don’t’ have to deal with invoices and bills. On top of this, you’ll have access to our pre-screened and pre-approved network of world-class surgeons and hospitals/facilities, and our 24/7 concierge care is available whenever you need guidance or support. 

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