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How to Make Your Post-Operation Flight More Comfortable

Posted by skymedicus STAFF on 7/21/2017 3:02 PM | Last Modified: September 26, 2017

Like an estimated 20,000 U.S. residents each year, you’re planning (or seriously considering) having weight loss surgery abroad. The reasons are clear: you can save tens of thousands of dollars, avoid a prolonged waiting list and dramatically improve your quality (and quantity) of life.  

However, one concern we address often with our patients isn't even related to the procedure itself - it's apprehension surrounding the flight back to the U.S. Maybe you've spoken with someone or have a family member who has taken a flight (domestic or international) soon after surgery and found it to be an uncomfortable experience. 

The good news is that there are proactive steps you can take that will make your post-operation flight much more comfortable. Here is what we recommend: 

How to Have a Comfortable Post-Operation Flight:

1. Always follow your doctor’s advice.

While the internet is often a useful source of credible information (and we hope that you find the SkyMedicus blog a good example of this!), we all know that there is plenty of misinformation as well. And while most people have good intentions, the fact remains that you should not take what you read in forums and in chat rooms as official medical advice. That can only come from a qualified physician, or other trusted member of your health care team. 

2. Watch what you drink, eat and wear. 

Salty foods and drinks that are high in caffeine can be dehydrating, which can trigger blood clots. Tight clothing can also be problematic, which is why many people opt to wear compression socks while flying.   

3. Speak to your airline. 

Call your airline well ahead of time and tell them that you’ll be flying back shortly after weight loss surgery. They will often assign you a seat that has extra leg room and is next to the aisle so that you can get up and walk around every hour or two. They may also be able to seat you near the flight attendant station, just in case you need some extra help.  

4. Have a companion with you, if possible. 

If possible, it's helpful to have a companion fly back with you and ensure that your comfort and safety are not at risk. However, if this is not possible due to costs barriers or scheduling conflicts, then be assured: thousands of people fly back solo after successful weight loss surgery, including those who fly domestically after having the treatment performed out of state.

Contact Us to Learn More 

To learn more about the details and dynamics of weight loss surgery abroad, including what you need to know before and after your treatment, contact the medical tourism experts at SkyMedicus today. Your consultation is free, and there’s never any obligation or sales pressure. We’re here to help make healthcare more affordable, more accessible and more beneficial.   

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