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Making Room for Empathy in Medical Tourism

When traveling abroad for healthcare, doctors must do everything they can to assure the patients that they will be taken good care of, since traveling for treatment is a new and potentially scary experience.

As such, medical tourism can be a new experience for those who make the choice to travel for their healthcare needs. Knowing how to interact with locals in a foreign culture is not innate, and it is further complicated in the context of healthcare. Different values, views on the world, and perspectives on what it means to be healthy can influence patient-doctor interaction. For this reason, empathy is a crucial skill for healthcare providers working in medical tourism to have.

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Everything You Need to Know About the FDA Approval Process

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible for assuring consumers that drugs and treatment offered in the US are quality, safe, and effective. The process can take up to ten years, so a drug can be clinically proven to be safe and effective years before the FDA approves the treatment for sale in the US.

The testing process, which is conducted by the drug company that developed the treatment, starts with tests to show that the drugs in the treatment are safe and effective in animals. FDA approval is necessary of these test results for the drug to move to human trials.

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Combating Childhood Neurological Disorders in Puerto Rico

With six out of every 1000 children being born with autism, two out of every 1000 being born with cerebral palsy, and 11% of 4-11 year-olds being diagnosed with ADHD, doctors across the globe have been working to treat different pediatric neurological disorders—and none have been more successful Dr. Carmen Báez Francecshi.

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