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Stem Cell Therapy to Treat Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a disabling disease that attacks the central nervous system and will cause a disruption between the transfer of information from the brain to the body. The cause of MS is currently unknown, but it is speculated to be triggered by environmental factors that some people are genetically more susceptible to.

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How to Find a Reliable Stem Cell Therapy

Choosing the right stem cell therapy is a big task when there is not as much reliable information on the kinds of therapies available. First, it is important to understand what stem cells are. Stem cells essentially are blank cells that can be used to heal, repair, and replace damaged cells in the body through their natural properties. This type of treatment differs from drug treatments in that components of the patient's body are being used as treatment instead of drugs, which have their own risks. Stem cells exist in the human body and can be extracted from bone marrow or, more commonly, fat. When taken from fat deposits, the stem cells are called 'adipose.' These cells are taken out of the body in a process similar to liposuction, spun to separate the different components, and then the adipose cells are reintroduced to the body.

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