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Dental Implant

Category(s): Dental

Dental implants are an alternative to dentures or bridges for people who are missing teeth. They are surgically and permanently placed in the jawbone, typically using titanium or non-metal cylinders and therefore tend to not be rejected by the body in most circumstances. Implants are actually able to "Osseointegrate" with the bone; meaning the implants fuse directly to the bone during healing. This also helps maintain the jawbone's shape and density, and assists with the functionality of everything one does with their mouth: smile, eat, and speak.

Though Dental Implants can be costly, they are a stronger than most dentures or bridgework and are thought of as the only long term single tooth or full mouth teeth replacement options.

Implants require that an abutment (a post that screws into the implant) and a crown are attached to complete the process of tooth/teeth replacement.


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