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Cosmetic Dentistry is any dental work done that solely improves the appearance of a person's teeth/gum's/bite; but does not directly affect any functionality of each of these areas. Cosmetic Dentistry is considered elective. Here are the most common Cosmetic Dentistry procedures:

• Teeth Whitening-teeth that are stained from chronic smoking, food, or drinks such as wine, coffee, or tea can be essentially "bleached" back to a more appealing white color.

• Composite Bonding-this is the process of repairing chipped, broken, or discolored teeth by using a composite material similar to enamel; and shaping it and hardening it to the tooth by using a high intensity light.

• Inlays/Overlays-similar to fillings; these are created prior to being fitted and provide a similar effect of the filling for decay and structural damage-only they are bonded into place using an adhesive.

• Veneers-these are constructed of composite or porcelain laminates and are placed with adhesive on the tooth's surface to repair cracks, chips, gaps in the teeth; or to help in the case of whitening. They are similar to a crown but do not surround the entire tooth and therefore are less invasive.

• Smile Makeover-this requires a comprehensive assessment of your smile and may require several of the above mentioned procedures or orthodontics in order to improve the esthetics of your smile.

• Full Mouth Reconstruction-in addition to the esthetic appearance of your mouth and smile, it may be determined that functional items such as bite, teeth, bone structure and muscle may need to be corrected as well as correction of the teeth position and/or looks.


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